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Stock Trading Software - Can You Rely On Robot Traders?
By Mike De Long
Automated stock trading software is getting more popular nowadays. The idea of letting a robot to trade your account and growing profits automatically is very luring. However, it has also raised questions on how effective this trading software can be. The thought of letting an unknown entity to trade your cash can be worrisome for some.

Should you be letting a machine to trade your money? Will it hurt you more than it help you? There are stock traders who swear by the profits this automated trading software can generate. Yet some has claimed that they can achieve better profits by trading themselves. You know what? Both of them have their own point.

So should you be using a stock trading robot?

Firstly, you need to determine what the software can do for you. Some of this software are only capable of gathering data and analyzing their over past results. They will then generate a report with the trading signal. They are basically an advisor to which stock you should trade.

This brings to one of

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the strong debated issue regarding analysis software. Discretion traders would argue that the data gathered are already past and are useless. They would only distract the traders from making the right decision and following the numbers blindly. They strongly believed that human discretion and intuition is much useful in trading.

Yet the software traders would argue that since trading is so easy, most human traders would be making money isn’t it? The problem is most stock traders cannot control their emotion and would need a second opinion. Thus stock trading software can be a great advisor to traders who cannot keep a clear head.

The software can give you a clear direction of the trend and likely possibilities. And you as the human trader can use this data to your advantage. So you need to gauge yourself whether your weakness can be covered by a stock trading software.

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